Corporate Catering that Elevates the Company Culture


Good for morale, great for lunch!

We know the importance of building and keeping a great team, and our full-service corporate catering solutions make it easy to make coming to work something your employees look forward to.

With an on-site Chef, Servers, Captains, and new menus every week, it’s like opening a TC4&Co. restaurant in your office!


From vibrant, healthy lunches to themed happy hours!

All work and no play is, well… boring. Look after the health and wellness of your team with our custom chef menus during the week and reward their hard work with a themed happy hour on Friday! If you really want to see them smile, ask about our chocolate fountain!

Making dietary restrictions a little less restrictive

You work hard to create an environment in your company where everyone feels welcome, and we’ll make sure that the lunch table is no exception. Our chefs can accommodate any dietary needs or restrictions. Just let us know how we can be of service!


Contact us today to learn more about our corporate catering solutions!